Today (17th), it is expected that there are 1,500 new confirmed cases of Corona. Considering that the number exceeded 3,000 right after the Chuseok holiday, the number decreased significantly. However, we should not be relieved that the spread may intensify again in the process of going through the easing of the distance that will start tomorrow and moving to a gradual recovery of daily life next month.

Correspondent Park Chan-geun.

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series of infections continued at a construction site in Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, where the first confirmed case was confirmed on the 4th, the number of related confirmed cases increased to 40.

[Park Yu-mi/Seoul City Citizen Health Bureau Director (Yesterday): Employees share changing rooms and toilets, and for convenience, designate a nearby restaurant to use together… .] Although the

number of infected people with unknown routes of infection and large and small group infections continues, the average daily number of confirmed cases in Korea is steadily decreasing by 4 to 500 each week.

There were concerns that the number of confirmed cases could increase significantly in the aftermath of the three-day National Foundation Day and Hangeul Day holidays, but the number of confirmed cases decreased to the level before Chuseok.

This is interpreted as a positive sign ahead of the new social distancing and a phased recovery scheduled for next month.

The vaccination completion rate is 63.9% of the population, and if only 3.13 million more people are vaccinated, 70% to start a 'step-by-step recovery' will be achieved.

Quarantine authorities urged them to maintain the tension in quarantine as the spread of the virus could increase again in the process of easing distance and step-by-step recovery of daily life.

In the midst of this, advisory bodies of the US Food and Drug Administration and FDA have recommended that the Janssen vaccine be used for booster shots, that is, additional vaccinations, so it is expected that additional injections of Janssen vaccines will be possible soon in Korea.   

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