A man in his 70s, who was confirmed with Corona 19, was found dead in a gosiwon in Seoul, and it was only recovered a day later.

According to SBS coverage, a 72-year-old man, A, was found dead in a gosiwon in Gangdong-gu, Seoul around 3 pm on the 13th.

Person A was tested for COVID-19 the day before and was confirmed to be confirmed on the same day, but died before hearing the results.

The gosiwon operator found it and reported it to the police, but the man was moved to the funeral home around 4 pm yesterday, 25 hours after the discovery.

It had been left at room temperature in the goshiwon room for over a day.

At the gosiwon, 8 people have been confirmed, starting with Mr. A.

The quarantine authorities moved the residents of Gosiwon, who tested negative, to a temporary quarantine facility yesterday.

There were several reasons for the delay in recovering the man's body.

More detailed news will be delivered on SBS 8 News shortly.  

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