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social distancing adjustment plan to be applied from next week will be announced today (15th). As November is the time for the gradual recovery of daily life, some quarantine rules are expected to be relaxed, such as the increase in the number of people allowed for private gatherings, centering on those who have completed vaccinations. 

Reporter Kim Deok-hyun reports.

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quarantine authorities are planning to use this distance adjustment plan as a 'stepping stone' to the gradual recovery of daily life.

As the vaccination completion rate has risen to 61.6% and 71.6% for adults over the age of 18, it is highly likely that the quarantine standards will be further relaxed mainly for those who have been vaccinated.

A plan to increase the number of gatherings up to 6 people, including those who have completed vaccination, to 8 people in the 4th stage area including the metropolitan area is a strong idea.

A plan to apply the relaxation of the number of people limit to other multi-use facilities besides restaurants and cafes is also being considered.

Additional incentives such as watching sports events are expected to be provided to those who have completed the vaccination.

However, it is known that there is a disagreement within the government about extending the business hours of restaurants and cafes to midnight only for those who have completed vaccination. 

This distance adjustment plan is expected to be maintained for two weeks, after which it is expected to go through a transitional period until the time of gradual transition to daily life.

[Gwonjunuk / Central Defense Headquarters second bubonbujang: This is to keep from putting social distance personal distance that can move while growing, further distancing adjust closely occurrences, such as after adjustment for adjusting turn so the situation] 

The vaccination rate It is expected that the completion of the 70% inoculation will be a day or two earlier than the 25th mentioned earlier as the target.

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