Starting from the 21st, parking and stopping of vehicles on all roads within the child protection zone in downtown Seoul will be completely prohibited.

This is in accordance with the Road Traffic Act amended in May, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government said that even if there is no solid yellow line along the road, parking in a children's protection area is illegal and subject to enforcement.

If caught, a fine of 120,000 won for a passenger car, 130,000 won for a van, and three times higher than on a regular road will be imposed.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government will jointly crack down with the ward office and the police to impose a zero tolerance principle on vehicles that violate parking and stop, without exception, to impose a fine for negligence, and to tow immediately if necessary.

In addition, we plan to expand the installation of 24-hour unmanned enforcement cameras and gradually abolish all on-street parking lots in the child protection area.

However, for children who are inevitably traveling to and from school by vehicle due to long distances to school or inconvenient movement, we decided to operate as an exception to operate the 'School vehicle safe getting on and off zone' that allows temporary stops when getting on and off.

As only 201 out of 1,700 child protection zones are operated first, you must check in advance through the school guide. 

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