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The National Cybersecurity Institute (NCIBE) has warned this Wednesday that calls to users have been detected

impersonating the identity of the Social Security, in which they are asked for a code that they have received via SMS on their mobile devices.

During the call it is indicated that it is a verification code to receive the third dose of the covid vaccine but, in reality, it is the code that WhatsApp sends to be able to log in from another device.

The INCIBE, based in León, advises those who have been victims of this fraud, and their WhatsApp account has been stolen, to try to contact their administrators to try to regain control.

It warns in a statement that it is a process that can take a few days, but emphasizes that "it is the best solution."

However, if the problem has not been solved after reporting the situation to the application itself, it offers the option of going to the Internet service provider to change the number.

Also, remember that

these stolen accounts are used by cybercriminals to try to talk to the victim's contacts and steal their WhatsApp account

with the same technique.

Therefore, it recommends those who have already been victims to notify their contacts of what happened in another way (phone call, email, social network, SMS ...), so that they are aware that it is not their acquaintance who you are typing or requesting your verification code.

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