The United States is organizing a two-day digital summit this week to defend itself against the growing threat of ransomware and other cybercrimes.

Russia, home to many cyber gangs and ransomware groups, has not been invited.

More than thirty other countries are participating in the top.

They will, among other things, discuss strategies to become more resilient against the misuse of virtual currencies such as bitcoins.

These currencies are often demanded by hackers in attacks with so-called ransomware that shut down an organization's systems, as well as in various attacks on companies in the Netherlands.

Attention is also paid to the role of diplomacy.

"It is important that the international community works together to ensure that critical infrastructures can withstand malicious cyber activities and that we strengthen our collective cyber defenses," said a White House spokesperson.

The US has previously held talks with Moscow about ransomware activities and other cyberattacks from Russia.

"The Russian government has taken some steps and we look forward to further action," the spokesman said.

According to analysts, the gangs are not directly controlled by the Kremlin, but are tacitly tolerated.

The summit will be held on Wednesday and Thursday.

In addition to the US, India, Australia, Germany and the UK are leading some of the talks.

Countries such as Canada, France, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Ukraine and Israel are also represented, as is the European Union.

The possibility that Russia will be present at the next conference cannot be ruled out.

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