Can you leave the iPhone at home?

Anyone who wears the Apple Watch can answer this question in the affirmative, provided the smart watch from Cupertino is equipped with a cellular module and E-SIM.

It has always been possible to make phone calls with good acoustics, and it also shows new e-mails or push messages from iMessage and Signal.

Over the years, the Apple Watch has also become a mini smartphone for the wrist.

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Now the Cupertino watch is getting a little better in this regard. The Apple Watch Series 7 will go on sale on October 15th, and we've already had the chance to try it out. The innovations are rather small this year when you compare with the predecessor Series 6. There are no new sensors, the processor is called differently, but it does not work faster and there is no support for the 5G cellular standard.

If you take the Series 7 in your hand and compare it with the previous models, you will immediately see that the black border around the display has been reduced by 40 percent compared to the Series 6 to 1.7 millimeters. This measure brings a lot, namely a larger display area and the display of more information. The fact that the display has become more generous is also due to the overall larger design. The height of the clock increases to 41 and 45 millimeters, and as usual there are two sizes. The display thus achieves a resolution of 352 x 430 pixels for the small version and 396 x 484 pixels for the large one. The Series 7's display has become brighter: 1000 nits when activated and even in sleep mode showing the time and other data with less intensity will still reach 500 nits.That is more than some notebooks can manage.

The larger display shows more content

Now you can see a lot more, for example with iMessage or e-mail or the navigation map, and there are new dials that offer more information with the corresponding complications.

Some older dials, on the other hand, would have to be better adapted to the higher resolution, which Apple unfortunately failed to do.

As a special plus point, the manufacturer points out that you can now also use a mini keyboard to type messages or e-mails or paint words with the Swype finger movement technique.

An AI corrects small mistakes automatically.

All of this currently only works with the English language.

German is displayed but not supported.

Switching the clock's system language to English is supposed to work, but we didn't succeed with this trick.

The new design is compatible with the old bracelets, which can be changed without tools.

However, if you look sideways at the Series 7 with an old bracelet, you can immediately see that the connection lacks the appropriate width.

That looks very ugly.

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