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are probably using a lot of disinfection and sterilization products to prevent corona. However, some of the deodorant and disinfectant products used by spraying did not meet the standard in sterilization power. 

Reporter Jeon Yeon-nam reports.


Recently, deodorant, disinfectant, and sterilization products have become common products in our daily life.

There are many products that can prevent COVID-19.

[Kim Joo-hee / Yangcheon-gu, Seoul: I use it every day because of the expectation that it will be effective.]

Spray-type products are often used because of their convenience, but some products show that the sterilization power is significantly lower than the standard value.

As a result of a survey by the Consumer Agency on 20 products sold online, 8 products that contained cypress water and had a sterilizing function had lower sterilization power against E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

To advertise the sterilization effect, it must show a reduction rate of more than 99%, but the sterilization power of all 7 products reported as deodorants did not meet the standard.

There were products that had virtually no sterilization power with a decrease of only 0.45%.

Eight out of 20 products used expressions such as 'corona prevention' in advertisements without any basis stipulated by the law, making them mistaken as if they had a sterilizing effect on the Corona 19 virus.

[Hong Jun-bae / Korea Consumer Agency Test and Inspection Bureau Food Microbiology Team Leader: When purchasing products advertised as Corona 19 virus sterilization, whether there is a test sterilization basis such as a Corona 19 test report (must be purchased after confirming)]

Obtained by electrolyzing hydrochloric acid and saline Hypochlorous acid water is also widely used as a disinfectant to spray all over the house after Corona.

However, if there are foreign substances such as dust or oil on the surface, the sterilization power will be lower than the standard value, so you need to be careful about using it after removing the contaminants.   

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