Controversy over Kim Gun-hee's thesis continues. Kookmin University students, who urged the school to re-investigate, decided to take joint action, and a civic group filed a complaint against the president of Kookmin University to the prosecution. 

Reporter Shin Jeong-eun.



Regarding Kim Gun-hee's master's and doctoral dissertation at Kookmin University, suspicions have been raised that the English translation was poor, or that the Internet article was fabricated.

When Kookmin University decided not to conduct this investigation because the statute of limitations for verification had passed, the Kookmin University Student Council strongly opposed it.

The basis for the statute of limitations for verification is that it "does not conform to the times."

After five days of general voting, the Student Council decided to take a joint action calling for a re-investigation by the school.

The overwhelming approval rate of 94.4%.

A civic group reported the president of Kookmin University to the prosecution for obstructing the verification of the thesis, and Kookmin University submitted its position and investigation plan on Kim's thesis to the Ministry of Education.

The Ministry of Education will review this and follow up.

[Kookmin University official: Regarding the preliminary investigation and the action plan (this is the content), I don't think we can officially say anything right now.]

Regarding Mr. Kim, a false work history controversy has also been raised.

The work experience Kim submitted to the university was not recorded in the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, and the name of the school was written incorrectly.

[Rep. Min-seok Ahn / National Assembly Education Committee: Did you receive a report about Mr. Kun-hee Kim’s false career?]

[Hee-yeon Cho / Superintendent of Education in Seoul: For now, it is not on the list of employees for the year…


Former President Yoon explained that there was no reason to write a false career, even though he did not know it well because it was before marriage.

(Video coverage: Yang Doo-won, Kim Nam-seong, video editing: Park Jin-hoon, CG: Kang Yun-jeong)    

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