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Public Investigation Service, which is investigating the suspicion of 'indictment' by an incumbent prosecutor, is raiding the office of National Assembly member Jeong Jeong-sik, the People's Power. Separately, the Ministry of Airborne Affairs has filed a case against the head of the National Intelligence Service, Park Ji-won, who appears in the so-called 'investigation of information' that the suspicion of 'investigation' itself was planned.

First news, this is reporter Jeong Yun-sik.

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morning of the 6th, the high-ranking public officials' crime investigation department sent 9 prosecutors and investigators to the office of National Power Assemblyman Jeong Jeong-sik, and began a search and seizure.

This is to check whether Rep. Jeong is involved in the 'suspicion of accusation' under investigation by the Ministry of Air Transport.

Rep. Jeong, who served as the head of the party's legal support group last year, delivered the draft complaint letter to the Office of the Office of Audit and Inspection.

The Airborne Service is expected to investigate the role of Rep. Jeong in the process of sending the complaint through search and seizure, etc.

In addition, the Ministry of Public Relations said that it has launched an investigation into the so-called 'suspicion of accusation', in which the director of the National Intelligence Service, Park Ji-won, met with the informant, Jo Seong-eun, and conspired to publicize the process of making the 'accusation allegation'.

The Ministry of Airborne Affairs booked the director of the National Intelligence Service on charges of violating the National Intelligence Service Act and violating the Public Official Election Act.

Previously, on the 13th of last month, former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol submitted a complaint to the Ministry of Public Security, saying that Park, the head of the National Intelligence Service, the informant Jo Sung-eun, and an unknown person conspired to inform the allegation of the accusation.