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an apartment in Incheon banned motorbikes from entering the ground, the delivery driver's union refused to deliver. Both residents and delivery drivers are arguing for safety reasons, but disagreements are not easily resolved.

This is reporter Hyung-woo Jeon.

<Reporter> This

is a notice posted on the 10th by an apartment management office in Incheon.

The motorcycle delivery drivers have been calling the house to deliver on the first floor, and from now on they can only enter the basement.

[Resident victim of motorcycle accident: (ground traffic) was blocked, but it kept coming in, so that kind of accident happened. I run too fast, I have a lot of kids, but there are a lot of really dangerous things.] It

was a measure for the safety of residents on the ground, but a delivery driver who parked outside and walked in was stopped by a security guard.

[Delivery Driver: It's right in front of you, so why do you have to go underground for this dangerously? We walk in.]

[Apartment security guard: The resident saw it and filed a complaint, so the (management office) manager told us to cut us off.]

Rider Union says that the risk of an accident is higher because the floor of the underground parking lot is slippery.

[Lee Dae-geun / Rider Union Incheon member: (Underground parking lot accident) It happens frequently even with people with long experience. If you get hurt like that, the delivery person will have to take full responsibility.]

The Kwanliso said that they would allow access on a rainy day or if you park on the road outside the complex and walk in.

Rider Union's proposal to discuss alternatives such as non-slip pavement in the underground parking lot or pledge of safe driving was not accepted.

[Administrative office official: Deciding how to pass is a matter for the apartment to decide.

We can't put our safety aside and protect only those people because the riders demand it (I judge.)]

Eventually, about 180 local delivery drivers started refusing to deliver to the apartment.

The Kwanliso said that it has no plans to discuss this issue with Rider Union, so delivery refusal is expected to continue for the time being.