The accusation continued today (28th) by civic groups over the fact that the son of Kwak Sang-do received 5 billion won from Hwacheon Daeyu. However, an insider report came out that there was a so-called 5 billion promise group that Hwacheon Daeyu tried to give 5 billion won to other influential people.

This content was covered by reporter Won Jong-jin.

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contents reported to SBS by a key official of Cheonhwa Dongin, an affiliate of Hwacheon Daeyu, are as follows.

Hwacheon Daeyu promised to provide profits to those who helped promote the business in various ways, but they are internally referred to as the '5 billion promise group'.

The informant also revealed the real names of influential people who are said to be involved in the appointment group.

This includes Rep. Kwak Sang-do, former special prosecutor Park Young-soo, and former Supreme Court Justice Kwon Soon-il.

In addition, it was reported that high-ranking officials from a media company and lawyers from high-ranking positions in the prosecution were also involved.

Rep. Kwak's children who worked for Hwacheon Daeyu received 5 billion won in severance pay, and former Special Prosecutor Park's daughter was found to have received an apartment owned by Hwacheon Daeyu.

The informant said that there had been an internal agreement to provide profits worth 5 billion won to a high-ranking person in a media company and a lawyer who worked as a prosecutor.

Those who were identified as being in Hwacheon Daewoo's so-called 'promise group' denied the facts or did not respond to the interview.

A lawyer from the prosecution dismissed it as absurd, and a high-ranking media official did not respond to SBS's request for admission on several occasions.

In response, Hwacheon Daeyu stated to SBS that the allegations were not true.

However, in a situation where a close relationship between Hwacheon Daeyu and influential figures is revealed, it seems necessary to investigate the facts of the newly raised allegations through investigation.

(Video editing: Wonhee Won, VJ: Jonggap Kim)