A video of a middle-aged man and woman crossing the Olympic Boulevard, an eight-lane round-trip, has been released online, drawing outrage from netizens. 

On the 12th, on the online community 'Bobae Dream', a post titled 'Sighting of jaywalking on the shocking Olympic Boulevard' was posted.

Author A wrote, "Today, I was driving at 80 km/h on the second lane near Yeouido on Olympic Road, and an elderly man and woman in mountain climbing clothes appeared in the grass on the left side of the median and crossed the road after looking around for a while." 

He continued, "Fortunately, there was nothing special in lanes 1 to 3, but the SUV driving in the last lane braked abruptly and almost skipped the accident." he added. 

Later, on the 25th, the son of the owner of the SUV, Mr. B, posted a post titled 'This is a video of a black box crossing the Olympic Boulevard.'

He said, "I was looking for what the percentage of negligence would have been if I couldn't stop quickly on the Olympic highway, and I came across eyewitness accounts. We saw together," he said. 

The black box video released by Mr. B shows a man and woman who appear to be middle-aged suddenly jumping into the road.

Those who started near the center line crossed a four-lane road each way.

The driver, who was in the 4th lane, was startled and stopped the car in a hurry by pressing the horn. 

B said, "My father drove slowly at 50 km/h, so I think there was no accident." 

Netizens were outraged by comments such as "Is there many lives for jaywalking on Olympic Boulevard?", "Who will pay the driver's mental compensation?" 

This is a 'news pick'.  

(Photo=Online Community Baby Dream)