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there are so many different types of plastic packaging, it is difficult to dispose of them. However, a business model that compensates in cash if properly separated and discarded, and recycles the collected waste is emerging one after another.

Jang Se-man is an environmental reporter.

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plastic bottle collecting robot installed in a park in Seoul.

The camera recognizes that the label has been removed and there are no foreign substances, and only recyclable waste is accepted.

We give 10 won per PET bottle, and there are 120,000 registered members.

[Mr. Lee / Recycling participant: When this money comes into a bank account, I feel proud, and I think it is good to save the environment.]

This company supplies and manages collection robots to local governments across the country, focusing on residential areas. About 200 units have been installed.

Another plastic recycling company offered points instead of cash to use at its own shopping mall, and the number of members reached 60,000.

It drew support from companies that advocated eco-friendliness.

[Tae-Kwan Bae/CEO of Oyster Able: Companies can get marketing effects, and when they reward (participants), they can generate sales again by enhancing their brand image (there is an advantage)]

PET bottles from two companies The advantage of the collection method is that it can secure high-quality transparent PET bottles, which cannot be achieved with the existing separation system.

The fashion industry wants to use recycled PET as a raw material for clothing, but the current system mostly consists of waste products mixed with impurities.

[Kangsol/Superbin Employee: I believe that collecting high-quality resources is an important beginning of the resource cycle produced with high-quality materials.]

However, there are many hurdles to overcome in order for the cash or point reward model to be sustainable.

Expanding the engineering deposit system for beer and soju bottles to PET bottles or cans as in Europe could be a solution.

(Video editing: Yoon Tae-ho, VJ: Shin So-young)