China News Service, Beijing, September 24 (Reporter Liu Yuying) On the 24th, Huawei released 11 innovative scenario-based solutions to customers in the five major industries of government, transportation, finance, energy, and manufacturing to help enterprises in their digital transformation.

  From September 23rd to 25th, the Huawei Full Connect Conference 2021 will be held online.

Huawei's rotating chairman Xu Zhijun said in his keynote speech that digital development depends on digital technology, and the vitality of digital technology lies in continuous innovation and continuous value creation.

Cloud, artificial intelligence, network, etc. are key digital technologies.

The process of building a smart world with the Internet of Everything is also a process of helping all walks of life achieve the goals of digital transformation.

  According to reports, after 4 years of development, Huawei Cloud has aggregated more than 2.3 million developers, more than 14,000 consulting partners, more than 6,000 technical partners, and more than 4,500 cloud market products. It has become an important platform for digital transformation of Internet companies, governments, and enterprises.

  Xu Zhijun said that the current development of the full-stack full-scenario artificial intelligence released by Huawei in 2018 is in line with expectations.

MindSpore has become the mainstream artificial intelligence computing framework in China. Atlas900 clusters and Atlas900 cluster-based cloud services have served more than 300 enterprise customers, and successfully trained many models including the Huawei Cloud Pangu large model.

  In the network field, with the progress of digitization, the complexity of enterprise networks has increased exponentially. Huawei has carried out autonomous driving network innovation in networks covering the world. It has also carried out joint innovation and deployment of applications with customers in the financial, education, and medical industries to realize the network Autonomy, self-healing, self-optimization, and autonomy.

  Standing at the starting point of "deepening" digitalization, Huawei released 11 innovative scenario-based solutions covering five major industries including government, energy, finance, transportation, and manufacturing, and actively explored industry digital transformation and innovation.

  For example, in the field of government and public utilities, Huawei has released three core solutions for urban intelligence, including one-network management, auxiliary operations, and zero-trust security, to continue to help the government's business and process changes, and jointly build livable, innovative, and smart , Green, humanistic and resilient new smart city.

  In the next five years, Huawei plans to release more than 300 scenario-based service solutions, establish more than 200 service standards, and help develop more than 800 service partners.

(Zhongxin Finance Studio)