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told the story of Baekgu, a dog who shared her body temperature for 40 hours with an elderly woman with dementia who collapsed on a rice paddy in bad weather. Baek Goo, who has now become an honorary fire dog, reunites with his grandmother, who was discharged from the hospital after a month.

This is TJB reporter Kim Chul-jin.


Baek-goo spent 40 hours sharing his body temperature with his grandmother who collapsed on a rice paddy in bad weather.

Baek-goo, who could not leave her side even when she was taken by an ambulance, met her again after a month or so.

The grandmother, who was hospitalized after the accident, recovered her energy and returned to Baekgu's house.

Baek Goo and Grandma share the joy of meeting each other while hugging each other.

Being apart for a short period of time, our longing for each other only grew stronger.

[Kim Jeong-soon / Rescued grandmother (93 years old): You are so pretty, but Baekgu. Were you at home while your grandmother was there?] To

Baek-goo, her grandmother was a lifesaver who healed her who was bitten by a large dog three years ago. It was.

[Shim Geum-soon / Grandma Kim's daughter: I lived happily with my mother and Baek-goo... We have to depend on each other to live, because we sang a hundred thousand and one hundred thousand songs even in the hospital.] The

story of Baek Goo, who was appointed as the nation's first honorary firefighting rescue dog in recognition of his contribution to protecting his grandmother, and conveyed emotion to the world through major foreign media such as CNN.

The reunion with Baek-goo of the grandmother, who recovered her health after about a month with everyone's support, is another moving impression.