The Netflix original drama 'Squid Game' pop-up set installed at Itaewon Station on Seoul Subway Line 6 was withdrawn early after controversy over violating quarantine rules.

Netflix decided to operate the set 'Ogem World', which was prepared in the basement waiting room of Itaewon Station in Yongsan-gu, until Sunday (26th), but the Seoul Transportation Corporation announced that it was only operated until yesterday after controversy over quarantine rules.

'Ogem World' is a set where you can experience the game directly, imitating some scenes from the drama, and started operating from the beginning of this month.

After the drama was released on the 17th, the popularity of the drama increased and the number of visitors increased, causing controversy over the quarantine rules, such as not maintaining sufficient distance.

An official from Seoul Transportation Corporation said, "We gave permission to publicity companies on condition that they comply with quarantine rules, such as distancing and wearing masks, and the corporation also disinfected and quarantined every day." and explained.