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There are many users of social networks who have expressed their opinion on the landing of

Lydia Lozano

and the

program 'Save me', from Telecinco,

since the collaborator landed on the island of La Palma to cover the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano.

And it is that a video has been viralized in which the journalist asked a volunteer who was working on

La Palma

, to put her in contact with people who "had a bad time" because of the eruption.

And the volunteer, outraged by the collaborator's request, recorded it and uploaded it to social networks, where it has been shared by many users.

Many tweeters have been against the attitude of the collaborator.

There are those who brand her as "shameful" and there are also those who criticize her attitude in another video that has gone viral in which

a Civil Guard

has to ask her to leave a dangerous area.

Others, however, have defended the collaborator, praising her attitude when dealing with the subject and assuring that the criticisms are unfounded.


Lydia Lozano

is the same journalist as Susana Griso and has the same right to cover what is happening, you end up saying that you hate save me and not attack someone just for doing their job," says one user, while another insists in which the reporter is giving a "lesson in empathy" to other reporters who are covering the event on the island.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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