A civil servant belonging to the Jangseong-gun Office in Jeollanam-do, who was being investigated by the police for allegations of real estate speculation using development information, was found dead.

According to the Jangseong Police Station on the 24th, at around 7:30 pm on the same day, the police and others who searched for the Jangseong-gun executive officer A was found dead in a mountain near the Motjae Tunnel in Jangseong-gun.

Mr. A lost contact with his family on the last day of the phone call that was pessimistic about his life.

At around 7:07 pm, the family reported the disappearance to the police, and the location information of the cell phone was checked in the vicinity of Seonsan.

Mr. A has recently been investigated by the police on charges of using development information in his full-time job acquired while on duty to purchase real estate in the name of himself, his family, and relatives.

The police are investigating the exact cause of death, believing that there is no suspicion of murder in light of the fact that there was no trauma to the body of Mr. A and that he found a letter to his family.

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