In the midst of this, the number of additional confirmed cases of Corona has already exceeded 2,100 as of 9 pm yesterday (23rd).

Quarantine authorities believe that the aftermath of many people who moved to other areas during the holidays will appear around next week.

Reporter Jang Se-man on the sidewalk.

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measures to ease private gatherings, which were temporarily allowed up to eight people during the Chuseok holiday, ended yesterday.

From today, gatherings of up to 6 people are possible again in restaurants, cafes, and at home.

Up to 6 people, including 2 people who have completed inoculation, can gather until 6pm, and after 6pm, up to 6 people, including 4 people who have completed inoculation, can gather.

The number of people limit has been strengthened again, but the problem is that there is a high risk of the aftermath of the large movement during the Chuseok holiday in earnest in the future.

The number of people who moved to other areas during this holiday season increased by more than 5% compared to last Chuseok, and highway traffic also increased by 9.2%.

In fact, in some regions, the spread of Chuseok has become a reality.

During the five-day holiday period, 60% of the confirmed cases in Jeonnam and 10% in Gwangju Metropolitan City were residents of other areas or local residents who had contact with them.

In the midst of this, it was found that the reservations for vaccinations for those who were not vaccinated, which started on the 18th, were extremely low.

From today, quarantine authorities have decided to expand vaccination incentives, such as excluding those who have completed vaccinations from self-quarantine if they have no symptoms even if they have had close contact with a confirmed person.