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It is

the whitest paint in the world

according to the



of Records


However, the objective of its creators has not been to appear in the famous anecdote, but to seek economic alternatives to the widespread use of air conditioning.

With the aim of saving energy as a backdrop, this peculiar white paint is an invention

of Purdue University

(Indiana, USA) and it took

more than seven years

to develop


"When we started this project, we had in mind to save energy and fight climate change," says mechanical energy professor Xiulin Ruan, who has led this project.

A project that arose during classes in Rouen with his university students while they discussed the possibility of creating an exterior paint that was capable of reflecting the radiation of sunlight and making

the surface impregnated by it had a temperature lower than the objects in their environment

without being impregnated by said paint.

Unlike conventional paints that can be found in marking, the paint developed at this university has

a high concentration of barium sulfate

(a compound commonly used in beauty products and photography) present in

particles of different sizes


A component that is also responsible for

its unique tonality


A color that, as they discovered during the course of their experiments, was

necessary to create the highly reflective paint

they were after, they explain from Purdue University.

In this way, the university group was able to develop a painting capable of

reflecting 98.1% of solar radiation while emitting infrared heat


Two properties that make it an ideal replacement for air conditioning systems.

This occurs because the paint absorbs less heat from the sunlight than that emitted by the object impregnated with it, achieving that

the painted surface has a lower temperature than its surroundings without the need to consume energy


Meanwhile, the

paints that can be purchased on the market

only reflect between 80% and 90% of the solar radiation and do not make the object with which they are impregnated colder than its surroundings.

To understand the benefits offered by the paint developed by Ruan and his students compared to the products that can be found on the market, the university explains that if it is used to paint a ceiling with an area of ​​92 square meters, the interior of

the structure it experiences cooling equivalent to that achieved using air conditioners powered by 10 kilowatts of power

. A figure higher than "the majority of air conditioners that are installed in homes," says Ruan.

Despite the fact that it is an invention recently presented by the University, the painting developed by Ruan and his students will

soon be on sale

thanks to an agreement between the


and a private company that will be in charge of its commercialization and distribution.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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