A photo of a young girl looking awkwardly into the camera from a car seat is being auctioned as NFT, the


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The image, called "side-eying Chloe" and went viral on the internet, is being auctioned for a minimum of 5 ethereum (more than 13,300 euros).

The image is being auctioned by Chloe's family.

By purchasing the NFT, which stands for

non-fungible token,

the buyer becomes the

owner of the digital image.

The meme originated in 2013, when two-year-old Chloe Clem was caught on video with her sister on a surprise trip to Disneyland.

Her sister burst into tears, then turned the camera on Chloe, who looked awkwardly into the camera.

"The internet did the rest," mother Katie told the



"I opened Tumblr and there were pages everywhere with Chloe's face. It was very weird and overwhelming. Friends and family send me memes of Chloe to this day."

The video has since been viewed more than 20 million times on YouTube.

The money earned from the sale of the NFT will be put into Chloe's education.

Recently, memes have been sold for high amounts of money.

For example, a photo of a girl posing in front of a burning house yielded more than 400,000 euros.

The well-known internet video Charlie bit my finger raised 622,000 euros.