In recent years, Ikea has been on the high-tech market.

Latest novelty: a very discreet wireless charger capable of recharging an electronic device through your table, reports 



Called "Sjömärke", the device is a small white plastic and aluminum case measuring 173 mm by 86 mm.

It sits under the surface of a table, desk or shelf and can charge your smartphone or headphones remotely, as shown in the Swedish giant's promotional video.

A sticker to locate the charging area

For this, the charger embeds Qi 1.2.4 wireless charging technology and thus provides a 5W charge - not huge, but sufficient for everyday use at home.

Sjömärke works through plastic or wooden surfaces, Ikea says on its website.

However, your table or desk should be 8 to 22 mm thick at most.

For fixing, the charger has two double-sided adhesive strips.

Customers can also choose to secure the enclosure with screws (not supplied).

A transparent sticker is also provided to know where to place the device to be recharged on the top of the table.

Sjömärke has been launched in several countries including France, where it is sold for 29.99 euros to order online or in store.

Ikea strongly recommends it for telecommuting or for electronic accessories.


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