Video calling platform Discord is testing a new feature that allows users to watch and listen to YouTube videos in groups,

The Verge



The integration would come from a collaboration with YouTube itself and appears a few weeks after two music bots had to disappear from Discord.

The feature is currently usable by a small number of Discord users and resembles the Discord bots Groovy and Rythm, which were forced to disappear from Discord's YouTube in recent weeks.

This was necessary because the bots would tinker with the service and were used for commercial purposes.

The new feature, called Watch Together, will do much the same as the bots and will be rolled out to all users at the end of October.

Users can click the function and drag YouTube videos into a playlist.

All members of the group can then watch the videos.

Advertisements are shown between the videos, Discord emphasizes.

The old Discord bots also allowed users to watch YouTube videos together.

They could be added to a Discord server, a private group within the service in which users could communicate with each other, but were not developed by YouTube.