On Chuseok this year, for the first time since the statistics of traffic accidents in 1976, there was no single fatality due to drunk driving during the holiday season.

According to the National Police Agency on the 22nd, a total of 1,773 traffic accidents occurred during the Chuseok holiday, down 21.3 percentage points from last year's Chuseok holiday (2253).

Traffic volume increased by more than 10 percentage points per day on average due to the spread of COVID-19 vaccine, but the number of traffic accidents actually decreased.

During this period, 26 people died and 2,330 were injured in traffic accidents, down 23.5%p and 36.4%p from the previous year, respectively, and drunk driving traffic accidents also decreased by 43.6%p.

In particular, the number of deaths due to drunk driving was counted as '0', which is the first time during the holiday season since collecting related statistics.

The number of injured was 196, a decrease of 54.7 percentage points from the previous year.

The National Police Agency made 'zero drunk driving fatalities' its top priority during this holiday period, and carried out intensive drink control, and 1,724 drunk drivers were caught.

In addition, through collaboration with related organizations, we started three-dimensional traffic management using 67 dark patrol cars, 11 helicopters, and 10 drones.

A police official said, "This is the result of intensive management of accident-prone points on the highway, regular drinking enforcement, and strengthening drivers' awareness."

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