On the occasion of the presentation of the back-to-school programs, Spotify announced on Tuesday the launch of the monetization of certain podcasts in France, reports

Le Monde


This novelty will take place "by the end of the year or at the very beginning of 2022," said Claire Hazan, studio director of the music streaming platform in France and Benelux.

This hypothesis was tested initially for two months in the United States. Monetization will concern podcasts broadcast by Spotify, not those produced directly by the platform.

Concretely, the creators will be able to choose to offer a paid subscription, between 1 and 5 euros per month, to which it will be necessary to add the cost of the monthly subscription to Spotify.

"The podcasts that we produce in France remain free"

If they don't want to charge an additional subscription, podcast makers will need to run advertisements before their shows.

All of the income generated through this monetization will be paid in full to content creators until 2023. Once this date has passed, Spotify has committed to taking only 5% commission.

“It's a financial solution for independent podcast creators,” the platform explained.

"The podcasts that we produce in France remain free," assured Claire Hazan.


Director of the Spotify studios in France and Benelux felt that it was still too early to monetize this content, but that the question would arise in the future.

50 million creators of audio content (music and podcasts) are expected on the platform by 2025.


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