Apple is working on technology to diagnose depressive symptoms and cognitive impairment in its users, according to documents that were viewed by

The Wall Street Journal on



Sources would have confirmed the documents, the newspaper writes.

The company is said to be investigating features that allow usage patterns to determine whether a user is experiencing depression or cognitive impairment.

On the basis of, among other things, the mobility, physical behaviour, sleeping patterns and typing behavior of the user, researchers hope to be able to develop algorithms that can be used to make diagnoses.

This technique could then be used in the health functions of Apple devices.

The diagnoses would not replace diagnoses made by experts, but could offer people without access to mental health a common alternative, writes

The Wall Street Journal


The studies are the result of Apple's collaboration with the University of Los Angeles (UCLA) and Biogen, an American pharmaceutical company.

None of the parties responded to questions from the American newspaper. The studies are still in their early stages, which could mean that the features will never appear in the end.