Oh fright, is that low.

Says the multivan connoisseur, especially if he's a Californian.

Oh great, it looks much more manageable, echoes from the faction that has always found a bus with construction site genes misshapen.

VW divides its customers.

And is also proud of it.

With the new T7, the Hanoverians are betting "100 percent on private use".

This means initially 1.90 meters in height and thus the possibility of being able to drive into most commercially available parking garages.

Holger Appel

Editor in business, responsible for "Technology and Engine".

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Those who live in such a car from time to time will still not miss out. In about three years there will be a California version, and from now on there will be more interior height than in the T6. This is a bit due to the (rigid) glass roof and above all to the 7 centimeters lower floor. This also means that the handles on the inside of the roof spar have been omitted, which we regret.

VW is building the new Multivan on the group-standard MQB platform, which is also used by various siblings from the passenger car group as a base. This means that the T7 drives closer to the Golf than ever before. This is not without consequences. The sublime impression suffers a bit, but you gain liveliness in traffic. According to the norm, consumption should drop by one liter. The individual seats are a bit narrower than before, but lighter. And heatable. They can no longer be turned in themselves, but as a whole they can also be embraced by weaker natures.

With an exterior length of 4.98 or 5.18 meters, the space yield is pleasing, but of course it is still not a Polo.

Ambient lighting, head-up display, digital cockpit, two sliding doors - all of this makes the new Multivan a family friend.

Of course, he always lacks a real all-wheel drive, which tarnishes the desire to travel to Winterberg.

Only the new plug-in hybrid helps out electrically on the second axle.

The engine portfolio is clear, 218 hp in the hybrid, 136 or 204 hp in the gasoline engine, 150 hp in the diesel.

The price list starts at 45,000 euros in one venture.

But don't worry, first of all, the T6.1 will continue to be built, and secondly, the T7, which will be available from mid-November, still feels enough like a bus despite all the golf cravings.

(Not only) we like that.