Microsoft is allowed to continue with construction work for a new data center in Middenmeer, reports the North Sea Canal Area Environment Agency (OD NZKG).

A toleration decision has been issued for this.

This allows Microsoft to continue building at its own risk while the company awaits a final permit.

The final permit is expected to be granted shortly, but it is not clear when exactly it will come.

"On the basis of the submitted application and the assessment of the documents, it is likely that the requested environmental permit for construction and the environment can be granted in the short term", OD NZKG reports.

"In anticipation of this, Microsoft may start construction of the data center in Middenmeer at its own risk."

Microsoft already has a large data center in Middenmeer.

Such a data center contains many servers that are used, among other things, for Microsoft cloud services, such as Azure and Office 365.

The construction of Microsoft's new data center is not without a struggle.

In July, the province of North Holland did not approve the zoning plan of the municipality of Hollands Kroon, which includes Middenmeer.

The plan was rejected because the arrival of a second data center would lead to traffic congestion in the area.

A solution was sought for this.

Data centers are also controversial in other places in the Netherlands.

They consume a lot of power and therefore need their own energy supply.

They also use a lot of cooling water and the large gray commercial buildings stand out in the landscape.