As Typhoon 'Chantu' gradually approaches Jeju Island, the operation of the sky and sea routes is being disrupted.

According to the Jeju Regional Meteorological Administration on the 16th, a typhoon warning is currently in effect for the remote seas south of Jeju Island and offshore Jeju Island (except the northern part), and a typhoon advisory is in effect for the entire land and the northern seas of Jeju Island.

Typhoon Chantu is expected to pass the southern seas of Jeju Island between dawn and morning tomorrow, and the closest time to Jeju is expected to be around 8 am on the 17th.

The Korea Meteorological Administration explained that Jeju has already rained a lot since the 13th due to the indirect effect of the typhoon, and it is expected to rain until tomorrow due to the typhoon effect, resulting in a cumulative precipitation of 200 to 600 mm and up to 1,000 mm in mountainous areas.

The accumulated precipitation for each branch from the 13th to 5 pm today was Jeju 167 mm, Seogwipo 386.3 mm, Seongsan 231 mm, Gosan 115 mm, Typhoon Center 433 mm, Gasiri 417 mm, Sancheondan 393 mm, Gangjeong 374.5 mm, etc.

On Mt. Halla, it rained up to 900 mm, including rhododendrons 917.5 mm, Samgakbong 731 mm, Witse Oreum 719 mm, and Seongpanak 674.5 mm.

As the typhoon approaches, the wind is gradually blowing stronger in Jeju, and the waves in the sea are rising high.

The maximum instantaneous wind speed at each point as of 5 pm is 23.7 m/s in Marado, 21.9 m in Sajevi, 21.9 m in Jigwido, 20.5 m in Gapado, 20.1 m in Witse Oreum, and 19.3 m in Jeju International Airport.

At Jeju International Airport, 15 flights (Departure 3, Arrival 12) were canceled as of 5pm today.

In the case of sea routes, all 16 passenger ships and 10 passenger ships originating in Jeju were controlled.

The tour of Hallasan Mountain was also completely controlled due to bad weather.

Damage to various facilities is also occurring one after another due to strong winds and heavy rain.

According to the Jeju Fire and Safety Headquarters, from the 13th, when Jeju was indirectly affected by the typhoon, to 2 pm today, a total of 37 reports were reported, including vehicle isolation, building flooding, tree fall, roof/window damage, and road median fall. has been received.

All kindergartens, elementary, middle, high school, and special schools in the province hold remote classes on the 17th, when the typhoon is expected to be closest to Jeju, and on this day, at the discretion of the school principal, flexible operation such as shortened classes was conducted.

Chantu is a typhoon with a central pressure of 980 hectopascals (hPa), a maximum wind speed of 29 m/s, and a strength of 'medium' as of 3 pm today.

According to the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA), between the afternoon of the afternoon and the morning of the 17th, very strong rain of 50 to 80 mm per hour or more fell on Jeju due to the typhoon, and it rained more than 100 to 300 mm and 400 mm in many places. It was predicted to burn.

(Photo = Yonhap News)