Today (16th), as Typhoon Chantu approached Jeju, a typhoon advisory was issued across the land and sea of ​​Jeju Island.

The Jeju Regional Meteorological Administration changed the strong wind advisory for Jeju Island to a typhoon advisory as of 12 noon today.

At the same time, a storm warning for the offshore of Jeju Island is also replaced with a typhoon warning.

Chantu is expected to pass through the southern seas of Jeju Island today and through the Korea Strait tomorrow.

As the typhoon is getting closer, the wind is gradually blowing stronger in Jeju, and the waves in the sea are rising high.

As of 10 am today, the maximum instantaneous daily wind speed at each point was recorded at 22.3m per second in Marado, 21.6m in Jigwido, 20.8m in Sajebi, 20.5m in Gapado, 18.4m in Witse Oreum, and 17m at Jeju International Airport.

Although a strong wind warning is currently in effect at Jeju International Airport, there have been no disruptions to flight operations so far.

In the case of sea routes, the operation of all 16 ferry routes and 10 passenger ships originating from Jeju was controlled.

The tour of Hallasan Mountain was also completely controlled due to bad weather.

Damage to various facilities is also occurring one after another due to strong winds and heavy rain.

According to the Jeju Fire Safety Headquarters, at around 6:11 pm yesterday in Saekdal-dong, Seogwipo-si, a tree fell and got caught on a telephone pole.

From the 13th, when Jeju was indirectly affected by the typhoon, until 6 am today, a total of 37 reports were received at the Jeju Fire Department Headquarters, including vehicle isolation due to road flooding, flooding of buildings, falling trees, damage to roofs and windows, and collapse of the road median. That's it.

According to the Korea Meteorological Administration, it will rain more than 50 mm per hour between this afternoon and tomorrow morning in Jeju due to the impact of the typhoon. predicted.

Jeju has already started to rain on the 13th due to the indirect effect of the typhoon, and it has rained a lot by this morning, exceeding 100 to 370 mm and 700 mm in mountainous areas. It could be more than 1,000 mm, the Korea Meteorological Administration explained.

As Jeju enters the typhoon-affected area, related organizations such as Jeju Island are strengthening their readiness posture.

The Jeju Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters switched from the 1st stage to the 2nd stage of emergency work as of 8:30 am today.

Chantu is a typhoon with a central pressure of 980 hectopascals (hPa), a maximum wind speed of 29 m/s, and a strength of 'medium' as of 9 am today.

(Photo = Yonhap News)