From the fourth quarter of this year, teenagers under the age of 17 will also receive the corona vaccine. I am worried about whether there will be any side effects, but let's point out what we should refer to through the examples of other countries that have already been implemented.

This is Cho Dong-chan, a medical reporter.


What do our youth think about the corona vaccine?

[6th grade (13 years old) in elementary school: I want to get hit because the corona is going to end sooner.]

There are also a lot of concerns about side effects.

[5th ​​grade (12 years old):


will get it after it has been proven to be safer.]

Many European countries, which started immunization for adults before us, are rushing to get vaccinated as the number of children and adolescents who have not been vaccinated has increased significantly.

The primary vaccination rates for 12-18 year olds are already 79% in Spain, 68% in France and 62% in Italy.

However, the Swedish government and the British Immunization Committee oppose vaccination of children and adolescents.

Based on the results of the Heart Complications Survey at Harvard Medical School, USA.

The incidence was 76 in 12-17 year-olds and 62 in 18-24 year-olds per million people, with more men at younger ages.

Although side effects from heart complications are very rare, the risk of getting severe from the coronavirus is also very low.

Unlike adults, the benefits of getting vaccinated are not significantly higher than the risks of not getting vaccinated.

[Adam Finn/Professor of Pediatrics, University of Bristol, UK (Vaccination Commissioner): Healthy children aged 12 to 15 years have a very low risk of severe gastritis. It is important to be careful in recommending vaccination to them.]

However, the Harvard Medical School research team that conducted this study recommended vaccination for children and adolescents.

The fact that vaccinated children are much better for their health if they run around with their friends at school or camping should also be seen as a big benefit when vaccinated.

In the end, the British government also opted for vaccination.

[Boris Johnson/Prime Minister of the United Kingdom:

We plan

to vaccinate children aged 12 to 15.] The Korean

government is also planning to start self-vaccination for children aged 12 to 17 within the fourth quarter.

Even if it is very rare, more thorough preparation is needed so that side effects such as heart disease and thrombosis can be detected and dealt with quickly.

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