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Police have launched an investigation after a fight broke out between a man who took down his mask and drank beer on the subway and a passenger who tried to stop it.


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This is a photo taken on the Seoul subway on the 12th.

According to Mr. A, who published the photo, a Korean man, a foreign man, and a Korean woman were talking while drinking beer.

Seeing this, Mr. A cautioned, "You must not drink alcohol in the subway," and "Please wear a mask." At this, a Korean man became furious and said, "If there is such a law, please show it."

As the commotion ensued, the station staff tried to take the three of them off, but Mr. A explained that in the process, a Korean man kicked his chin with his foot, and he also swung his arm to resist, and made contact with the man.

The police have secured CCTV footage and eyewitness statements from the scene, and will soon call the parties to investigate.

Netizens responded, "It's far beyond common sense to drink alcohol on the subway because I don't have enough 'Tuxk'.", "If it were me, I would have just avoided it... It's a great passenger who courageously gave attention."

(Screen source: Baby Dream)