Google does not have to put a deleted video from Forum for Democracy leader Thierry Baudet back on YouTube.

The judge in Amsterdam determined this in summary proceedings on Wednesday.

YouTube removed a video of Baudet in June in which he speaks during a debate in the House of Representatives.

According to YouTube, the speech contained disinformation.

Baudet regarded the removal of the video as censorship and therefore announced on June 28 that he wanted to go to court.

Now the judge has ruled in favor of YouTube.

Google, which owns YouTube, was allowed to remove the video because it violates the video platform's corona policy.

In the video, Baudet called mouth masks "non-working" and compared the government's corona measures during a parliamentary debate with a report that an American organization, the Rockefeller Foundation, had already published in 2010.

Baudet and his supporters believe that the corona measures lead to authoritarian control by government leaders and intensive supervision of citizens.

He warns against mass surveillance and total government control.

The parliamentary debate can still be viewed on the website of the House of Representatives.