The BlaBlaCar carpooling platform has decided to launch a new offer.

This is auto insurance, offered in partnership with Olivier.

This insurance is open to all drivers and not just to platform users,


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BlaBlaCar wants to offer several forms, from “third-party essential” to “all risk” insurance and promises competitive prices.

But the company decided to go even further.

In addition to insurance, the carpooling platform has developed an application dedicated to smartphones.

The latter was called “BlaBlaCar Coach”.

As its name suggests, it plays a role of digital accompanist.

A platform committed to road safety

This application must be launched at the start of the car journey.

It will analyze driving habits, driving behavior or even the distractions of a motorist.

At the end of the journey, it will provide a comprehensive analysis as well as recommendations to enable the driver to behave more responsibly at the wheel.

Another advantage: users of this application will be able to benefit from a reduction in the cost of their insurance.

BlaBlaCar also wishes to recall that the company is strongly committed to Road Safety.

A survey commissioned by the platform in 2015 indicated that 80% of users felt they had better respect the Highway Code when they carpool.

And 59% of those surveyed felt they respected speed limits more when carrying passengers.


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