There are cries that mark the

history of a country

, like the one that

was launched on


night of September 15 to 16

, 1810 in Dolores, a small town in Guanajuato that rose up against the authorities of the

Viceroyalty of New Spain

at the voice of " Long live the Virgin of Guadalupe! ".

That Grito de Dolores marked the start of the Independence of Mexico and today marks the beginning of the festivities with which the North American country


its Independence Day on

Thursday the 16th


A celebration that, of course, goes hand in hand with its

great gastronomy

and that serves as an excuse to visit some of the best Mexican restaurants in Madrid, which we





Guacamole with tortilla chips, in Barracuda MX.


Essential and almost ubiquitous, it already appears on any gastronomic list worth its salt.

Barracuda MX is the latest and mega-successful adventure by Roberto Ruiz (Mexico City, 1975).

Alma mater of the first Mexican restaurant to receive a Michelin star in Europe (the defunct Punto MX),

Ruiz dazzles and "enchila"

Madrid and foreigners with a menu that revolves around the

cuisine of the Mexican Pacific coast


From tacos (grilled shaken octopus; duck carnitas; Iberian pork black shepherd ...) to ceviches (

green prawns

with roasted green tomatillo), aguachiles ... Although for Independence Day, the chilango has created an

ephemeral proposal

and he enjoys that he travels gastronomically along the coast, from Ensenada and Baja California to Chiapas, to the beat - and it is not a euphemism - of a


. Here it goes: oyster with serrano chile green aguachile; Red sea bass tripe ceviche in guajillo chili sauce with scraped toasts and charcoal mussels with morita chili sauce to start (as well as the essential guacamoles: traditional with tortilla chips, with pork rinds and coastal sauce or with chipped prawns). And, as main courses

, lamb barbecue taco with drunken pasilla

and garden

chili sauce

and green enchiladas and

duck carnitas with pipián sauce

of pumpkin seeds.

As the end of the party, café de olla, Creole chocolate from Oaxaca and vanilla ice cream from Papantla.


Valenzuela, 7. Tel .: 91 108 89 99.

Green sea bass aguachile, in Iztac.


His name already - comes from a

tragic love story

set in the Aztec empire - hints that here what is carried is traditional cuisine and roots,

without clichés

. His proposal travels through the 32 states that give rise to the nine gastronomic areas of the North American country, which chef Juan Matías transfers to the plates. So, don't miss the

chard tamalito with tatemado chiltomate and torrezno

; the cochinita pibil panuchos with sikil-pak maya sauce; the molcajete guacamole; the

black shrimp aguachile

or the tarascan sea bass with chipotle meco sauce and chrysanthemum in tempura and the roasted Sonoran rib. If tacos are your thing, this is a good trio:


(Iberian lizard marinated with aromatic herbs);


(with shrimp) or


, the most street option.

In the liquid menu, margaritas, micheladas, tequilas, mezcals and Mexican and national wines.


Plaza de la República del Ecuador, 4. Tel .: 91 009 02 35.

Taco de 'picanha' en nogada, at Mawey Taco Bar.


The chefs Fernando Carrasco and Julián Barros lead this brand, a true Mexican reference in the capital, especially in the taco world. Because here they always celebrate that

international icon of Aztec cuisine

that is the taco, whether in

a classic or current key.

Of cochinita pibil; of duck carnitas with red mole manchamanteles; of

octopus Yucatecan

with adobo three chilies; de


with oaxaca cheese, avocado and tomatillo sauce; wagyu brisket with corn cream and two chilli tajin ... Or the one they have created to join the

Grito de Dolores


picanha en nogada

, a preparation that has its history, since it is a

version of the chile en nogada

, a recipe that is said to have been created by


in 1821 (only available for

Thursday 16


Although there is also


beyond the taco: huitlacoche quesadilla and pumpkin flower with oaxaca cheese;

sautéed and enchipotladas veal sweetbreads;

Apache beef brioche with sirloin and smoked chili peppers ... Cocktails, chelas and micheladas ...


: Olid, 6. Tel .: 91 011 71 03. / San Bernardo, 5. Tel .: 91 878 52 01.

'Machete', in Salón Cascabel.


We return to

the MX universe

and to another of Madrid's essential Mexicans: modern whimsy with the stamp and soul of Roberto Ruiz. In his letter reign


-guacamole; green chilaquiles (crispy corn chips in a green tomatillo, cilantro and jalapeño sauce) -, ceviches (from Sinaloa shrimp, scallops or bonito), tacos (Iberian pork shepherd, carnitas and chicharrón and arabic) and meats a grilled, such as the

famous machete

(charcoal-lacquered beef rib with three chilli sauce) or


, made with a mixture of peppers and fresh herbs mash and molcajete sauce. Everything, accompanied with moscalitas, margaritas, mojitos and micheladas.


Gourmet Experience of El Corte Inglés.

Serrano, 52, seventh floor.

Tel .: 91 432 54 90.

Chile nogada, in Tepic.


Since it opened its doors a decade ago, this restaurant has always had the same objective: to

flee from the clichés

and to offer locals authentic traditional Mexican cuisine, elegant and transferred to

the 21st century

. And, he continues, because Tepic is not a

typical Mexican



Bib Gourmand Michelin



. In this search, his cuisine, without fusions, is made with

unique products

, some difficult to find in Madrid, which give rise to dishes such as

Yucatecan panuchos

(corn gorditas with cochinita pibil),

chorizo ​​tlacoyos

(blue corn gorditas with chorizo), chicken tinga tostadas, shrimp aguachile,


and tacos (sirloin, governor, Baja California ...). As "we're having a party", on

the night of Wednesday 15

, the Tepic team, headed by Javier Quiñones - room manager and bartender - proposes a

special dinner

with mariachis,


cocktails, tequila and a tasting menu (45 euros) that offers, among other dishes, tortilla



Aztec soup

, essential in homemade Mexican meals;

trilogy of appetizers

(carnita toast, raja quesadilla and chorizo ​​chicharrón flute) and, to choose,

chile en nogada

-the Mexican dish par excellence- or red enchilada.


Ayala, 14. Tel .: 91 522 08 50.

Carnitas tacos in blue corn tortilla and cocoa with morita chili sauce, in La Tomata.


If there is one word that defines the cuisine of this charming local, that is authenticity.

Juan Sardou

left his position as Maître de Punto MX in 2014 (just when he was achieving the Michelin star) to set up his own house. Her son, Juan Javier - "decided to dedicate himself to the hotel business", explains Juan - and his wife,

Ana Marcela Zamudio, work there

. "She is La Tomata; she is the one with the touch," he acknowledges. Ana Marcela's love for cooking comes from

her father's


, her father and uncle are chefs, and every year she

travels to their country

to immerse herself in cooking.

The menu is simple

, classic dishes with a

"touch of their own

, and sometimes using

good raw materials.

what's in Spain, "adds Juan. And, although the family comes from


, the proposal" contains recipes from other areas that we also like a lot, "concludes Sardou. Let's go to it: quesadillas; appetizers; panuchos; red, green chilaquiles or divorced;

shrimp aguachile

, one of the


of the place, along with the taco offer. In this reign those of cochinita pibil, chicken tinga, Iberian carnitas, Iberian shepherd, rectal lamb, brisket or the



al pastor

A piece of Mexico in Madrid, really


: Eguilaz, 2. Tel .: 635 44 26 01.

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