The CoronaCheck app has been downloaded about ten million times to date.

About 28 million QR codes have also been created with it so far, reports outgoing corona minister Hugo de Jonge.

With the app, people can demonstrate that they have been vaccinated against corona, have recovered from a previous infection or have recently been tested.

The app can be used as a corona ticket.

These will be mandatory from 25 September in parts of society, for example in the catering industry.

Although the app generally works well, according to the minister, there are still some technical hiccups.

For example, the problem is that people who have not received their first injection at the GGD but have received the second, cannot get a QR code.

In addition to CoronaCheck, there is also the CoronaMelder app, which can warn users if they have been in the vicinity of another user who has tested positive for the virus.

That app has been downloaded more than five million times and is actually used by about 2.5 million people.

Almost 200,000 times an infection was reported via the app, after which more than 200,000 people had themselves tested because of such a report.

15,767 of them turned out to be actually infected.

The cabinet therefore wants to keep the app up and running until at least 10 January.

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