A child abuse case occurred at a daycare center in Jeju, and the police launched an investigation.

The Jeju National Police Agency announced today (15th) that it has booked a teacher at a daycare center in Jeju City, Mr.

A is accused of abusing 10 4-5 year olds from May 10 to July 9.

It was confirmed that two children with disabilities were among the victims.

According to the police, the closed circuit (CC) TV in the daycare center contains scenes of Mr. A taking a picture of a child's head with the corner of a book and hitting the back of the head with his hand.

In addition, a situation that appears to be emotional abuse, such as forcing snacks to eat, was also detected.

It has been confirmed that A is currently denying the allegations.

In addition, the police plan to arrest the director of the daycare center as soon as possible and investigate whether he has observed child abuse caution and supervision.

According to the Child Welfare Act, if a member of the teacher abuses you, the director will also be punished according to the punishment regulations.

It turns out that the director of the daycare center said, "I did not know that Mr. A hit a child, etc." during the police investigation.

A police official said, "Currently, we have secured the circumstances of Mr. A's abuse of children and are conducting parent investigations."