I recently reported on the late Hwang Ye-jin, who died after falling into a coma after being assaulted by her boyfriend. Today (15th), more than 50 days after the incident, this man was arrested on charges of injury and death.

This is reporter Park Jae-hyung's report.


On July 25, when her boyfriend strongly pushed Hwang Ye-jin, Ye-jin collapsed without a hitch.

After that, Ye-jin and her boyfriend, who came to his senses, went back into the building, and the CCTV footage of Ye-jin, who was completely unconscious, and her boyfriend with clear bloodstains on his clothes were also caught on CCTV.

Relatives claimed that there was an additional assault between them.

Ye-jin was brain-dead and an arrest warrant was requested for her boyfriend on the charge of injury, but the court dismissed it because there was no fear of escaping.

The initial judgment of the medical team that the cause of the cerebral hemorrhage was unclear was also one of the reasons for the rejection.

And on the 17th of last month, about a month after the assault, Yejin eventually died.

After a reinforcement investigation, the police applied for a warrant for the boyfriend again, and the charge was changed from injury to fatal injury.

And today, 50 days after the assault, the court issued a warrant.

[The late Hwang Ye-jin's boyfriend: (Please explain the reason for the assault. Just say one word to the bereaved family.) … … .] The

cause of death was also revealed through the results of the autopsy of Mr. Yejin.

The cause of death was 'exogenous cerebral hemorrhage', and experts such as doctors have sent the police with a common consultation result of "damage caused by external shock".

Ye-jin did not normally have a chronic disease, but the fact that she died due to assault has been vindicated.

The boyfriend's lawyer said, "I admit to most of the charges," but it is known that the boyfriend is stating that he "does not remember well" about what happened in the CCTV blind spot after the first assault.

(Video coverage: Yang Hyun-cheol, video editing: Park Jeong-sam)