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a result of our coverage of the panda team until the end, this was not the only suspicion surrounding Chairman Kim. After distributing the special performance bonus to some employees, Chairman Kim took it back, and there were also claims that the company gave the son the right money while the company took over the lease of the store where the son of the chairman had rented.

Continuing, reporter Kim Do-kyun delivers.


In September of last year, Chairman Kim of Geumyoung Entertainment urged the staff to give special performance pay to certain employees.

[Kim Mo, Chairman of Geumyoung Entertainment: Does it go well with bonus payments? Since when are you saying this? Should I just take care of it? Why is it so delayed?] Under the

direction of Chairman Kim, the company paid up to 30 to 50 million won, and 340 million won in total, as special performance bonuses to six employees.

[Geumyoung Entertainment official: (Due to Corona 19) Sudden in the situation of austerity finances... (In the past) I know it didn't happen, and it was a really unexpected act.]

However, there

was a

claim that this special bonus was passed on to Chairman Kim.

[Geumyoung Entertainment official: Out of the amount received, except for withholding tax, I withdraw all the amount in cash. I rolled it up and delivered it directly to the chairman.] The

bonus paid in cash was

passed on

to the chairman through an interim executive.

There were also testimonies that he had cracked down on the enlistment after the performance pay was removed.

[Former Geumyoung Entertainment employee: (Chairman) ○○ Oh, so you don’t speak out. (Can you crack down on them?) Yeah, I don't believe it, because you say things like this.]

A commercial building in Haeundae-gu, Busan.

In 2018, Chairman Kim's son paid 16.5 million won a month to rent a floor and run the club.

Less than a year after his son ran the club, Geumyoung Entertainment succeeded to the rental contract at the suggestion of Chairman Kim, making it a 200-pyeong karaoke room.

In the process, the company paid up to KRW 100 million in rights to the son of Chairman Kim.

[Geumyoung Entertainment official: The purpose was to prevent the loss of the rental (contract) (signed by the son's club), and the company has no choice but to suffer a lot of damage... .]

The end panda team went looking for Kim to hear the explanation for such embezzlement and breach of trust allegations,

[Hello President. -

Avoid contact Kim digit hagetdamyeo soon.

[Chairman Mo Kim: Let's have an interview with us, it's good. (When will it be possible?) Let's get in touch next week. I will contact you.]

However, after that, there was no contact, and the company sent me an e-mail stating that the interview was not possible.

I have asked for clarification several times from Geumyoung Entertainment and business partners, but I have not been able to get an answer.

(Video coverage: Bae Moon-san · Choi Dae-woong, video editing: Choi Hye-young, VJ: Kim Jun-ho, screen source: YouTube Jukestar)

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