A fine of 3 million won has been confirmed for the operator of the so-called 'gore specialty room' for sharing videos and photos of wild animals being captured and brutally killed.

According to the legal circles on the 15th, it is known that Mr. A, the head of the 'Gore Special', submitted a request for a formal trial to the 3rd Independent Criminal Court of the Seoul Central District Court on the 9th.

In December last year, Mr. A was indicted with a fine of 3 million won on charges of sharing a video of brutally killing animals such as dogs and mice by accessing the chat room at his home in Seoul last December (violation of the Animal Protection Act).

The defendant was dissatisfied with this and requested a formal trial, but as it was withdrawn, it is said that the penalty for summary indictment has been confirmed.

'Gore Special Room' is an open chat room on KakaoTalk that was operated anonymously, and it has been found that they have been sharing videos and photos of animals being cruelly abused, methods of catching animals such as feral cats and damaging their body parts.

About 80 people participated in this chat room, also called the 'animal version n room', and it was investigated that there were minors among them.

Animal rights civic groups such as Animal Freedom Coalition and Kara, which received the report, filed a complaint with the police in January, claiming that participants in the gore specialist shared methods of catching animals and damaging live animals.

▲ Some of the actual conversations in the 'Gore Specialty Room'

In fact, it is known that in the room, there were participants who uploaded videos and photos of directly killing animals, such as shooting a cat to death. Other participants were reported to have responded to the abuse video, such as "I want to kill a stray cat, but how do I save it" and "I can hear the sound of bones being crushed (in the video)"

It is also known that the participants jokingly said, "The chat history has been erased" and "It's exciting because you won't be punished." However, the investigative agency explained that even if the chat room is removed or the account is deleted, it can be tracked.

In April, the police identified three main suspects, including Mr. A, and sent them to the prosecution on charges of violating the Animal Protection Act.

According to the revised Animal Protection Act, a person who kills an animal in a cruel way can be punished by imprisonment for not more than three years or by a fine of not more than 30 million won.

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