WhatsApp announced on Friday that it would allow all users to encrypt backups of their messages stored in the Cloud, according to information from 


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The instant messaging application will implement an end-to-end encryption system.

Until then, this security option was only available for conversations.

Users had no choice but to save the messages to their cloud without encryption.

Now, with this new feature, there will be two ways to do this.

You will first need to generate an encryption key consisting of 64 digits to lock discussions on iCloud and Google Drive.

Either the key will be kept locally or in a password manager.

Remember your password

It will also be possible to save the key in a secure online safe, specially developed for this use by WhatsApp. You will then have to enter your password to access it. But be careful, if you choose this last option, it will be essential to remember this password. WhatsApp will not be aware of it and will not be able to send it to you if you forget it. Your encryption key will be permanently lost, along with all your conversations.

Another important point is that as soon as you activate backup encryption in the application, all previous backups will be deleted.

With this new option, WhatsApp hopes "to offer its users significant progress in the security of their personal conversations".

Backup encryption is expected to be rolled out in the coming weeks in all countries where the app is available.


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