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people enjoying camping, it is now the season to bring heating equipment, but you need to be careful about fire accidents. Even flame-retardant tents are not safe.

Reporter Kang So-ra of KNN delivers the experimental scene.


At dawn, the fire that started inside the tent quickly spreads throughout the tent.

Five people, including three children, died in the fire from an electric heater.

Over a quarter of campground safety accidents in the past five years have been caused by fire or overheating.

I lit a fire to see how vulnerable the tent is to fire.

In a polyester tent, the fire spreads to the surroundings, leaving only the tent skeleton in an instant.

Flames are also falling on the floor, but when I saw it with a thermal imaging camera, the surface temperature exceeded 400 degrees.

The flame-retardant tent burns only the part where the fire directly touches it, and the fire does not spread to the surrounding area, but it cannot be relieved.

Also, if you bring the heater as close as 5cm, both the general tent and the flame-retardant tent will melt in 5 seconds.

[Yijaehyeok / Busan Fire Disaster Headquarters Fire Investigation Coordinator: fireproof tents because they are generated the same way the addiction concerns a small but monoxide concerns a fire than ordinary tents must comply with fire prevention tips -

put take the bonfire in an enclosed tent Carbon monoxide levels exceed the critical level of 200 ppm.

It's a good idea to keep your tent away from embers and bring a small household fire extinguisher to the campsite.

If there is a fire at the campsite, it is recommended to evacuate to a large open area on the windward side without panicking.

(Video coverage: Park Dong-myeong KNN, video editing: Byun Ji-young KNN)