Now is the time to prepare for the flu epidemic amidst continued corona worries.

From tomorrow (14th), influenza vaccination for children and pregnant women will start.

<Reporter> According

to the National Statistical Office, the number of flu deaths in Korea is about 250 a year.

However, the Korean Society of Infectious Diseases explains that if the flu complications are expanded, more than 2,000 people a year.

Although the fatality rate and transmission power are lower than those of COVID-19, the flu is a threatening infectious disease.

For children and adolescents under the age of 19, the fatality rate of influenza is higher than that of Corona, and it is also a threat to pregnant women.

[Jo Geum-jun/Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Guro Hospital: (If you get the flu vaccine), the risk of infection in pregnant women is reduced. It is also known to reduce the risk of infection (flu) in newborns.]

You can get the flu and the corona at the same time.

Globally, 0.8% of corona patients were also infected with the flu, with the Americas at 0.4% and Asia at 4.5%, about a 10-fold difference.

It is presumed that this is because of different races and lifestyles.

When infected with the corona and flu, the fatality rate was 6.9%, more than six times the fatality rate of the corona virus.

[Lee Geun-hwa/Professor of Microbiology at Hanyang University: Because the respiratory side is attacked by the Corona 19 virus and the flu virus, if they are infected at the same time, the death rate rises because it seriously affects the respiratory system.]

On the other hand, the flu vaccine alone is effective in preventing severe corona virus there was

A study from the University of Miami in the US found that flu shots lowered severe complications of the coronavirus, such as sepsis and thrombosis, by 40%.

It was analyzed that the flu shot boosts the overall immunity.

That's why young adolescents and children who are not vaccinated against the coronavirus need more flu shots.

The corona vaccine and flu vaccine have different mechanisms of action, so it does not matter if they are given on the same day.

(Video editing: Park Jin-hoon, CG: Jo Soo-in, Lee Ah-reum, Lee Yeon-hee) 

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