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Sean Bean was one of the stars of

Game of Thrones


And 'it was' because his character of Ned Stark (eye, spoiler) had a great responsibility when starting this series ... but it disappeared after a few episodes.

Almost the same thing that happened


The Lord of the Rings


with the

brave Boromir


Now, in


(Movistar +)


Sean Bean

appears in many more scenes and gives a whole interpretive recital, leaving aside his more warrior side.

He is Mark Codben, a

troubled teacher

serving a sentence in a British jail after running over a cyclist.

In prison, this man with good manners but with a

stormy past

must remain for four years.


Sean Bean plays a teacher jailed for murder.

And his idea is

that time passes in the best possible way, without getting into trouble.

Although his colleagues make his life impossible in most cases with very violent and unpleasant situations that would undermine the morale of anyone.

His spirits are low,

he is unable to forget the accident

and he knows well that his


has led him to that dark corner.

Specifically, to a cell from which he barely leaves due to the

fear of a beating or a misstep.

Because in that jail, drugs, fights and settling accounts are the order of the day.

And he only receives visits from his parents, since his wife and, to a lesser extent, his son, are not with him at those times in the way they should.

With co -

starring Sean Bean discovered this

miniseries three chapters


Stephen Graham

, an actor seen in shows like

Line of Duty


Boardwalk Empire


Graham plays Eric McNally, an official who watches over prisoners and who is also going through bad times.

Until now, he

was in control of his work with an iron fist

, but due to something to do with his family, he no longer feels safe.


Stephen Graham is one of the security officers in a prison.

Faced with this,

Eric opts for the easiest way: to break the law.

With this, he accepts the mandate of a prisoner who seems to control everything in a closed space such as jail.

At the script level, the series begins by introducing Eric and Mark with an eyedropper,

filtering data from them as the minutes progress


A strategy that arouses the curiosity of the viewer, who does not know why Mark is there.

And that, together with the unpleasant surprises that the two main characters discover, make up an

effective and very realistic thriller.

It is easy to find

similarities with the



and the movie

A Prophet


The anguish at being in such a

limited space

, the debate between what is right and what is not, and

notes of redemption

through the character of a nun (Siobhan Finneran) show that


is not just another miniseries.

And that reflects a reality, that of some prisons, that will widen the doubts of many about whether this is the best method to reintegrate into society.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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