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A man in his 50s, who was sentenced to seven years in prison in the first trial for sexually assaulting his own daughter several times, appealed against the ruling.

According to the court on the 14th, 50-year-old A, who was charged with sexually assaulting her biological daughter, filed an appeal with the 11th Criminal Settlement Division of the Seoul Eastern District Court (Chief Judge Yoon Kyung-ah) on the same day.

Person A is charged with sexual assault (quasi-rape by kinship under the Sexual Violence Punishment Act) when her daughter B, who was drunk, fell asleep at her residence in June 2019 and March of this year.

B, whose biological father was the only family member, was unable to inform the investigation agency of the damage, but after persuading her boyfriend to report it to the police.

Afterwards, B, who was living in a temporary shelter provided by the police, was found dead on March 8 after complaining of mental suffering.

Person A is said to have denied the allegations when her daughter B died without writing a statement.

However, the police secured circumstances and evidence to prove the charges, including SNS posts left by daughter B, and handed them over to the prosecution, and the prosecution indicted Mr. A in April.

It is known that Mr. A denied all charges during the trial, claiming that "I left a message that my daughter was sexually assaulted because she had paranoia."

However, the court acknowledged all of the prosecution's charges and judged A guilty, saying, "There is no clue in Mr.

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