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A man in his 50s, who was driving a dump truck without a license, was arrested by the police on charges of striking and killing an elderly man in his 70s who protested the passage on the back road.

The Incheon West Police Station announced yesterday (13th) that they are investigating and arresting a 54-year-old dump truck driver A on charges of running away and driving without a license under the Road Traffic Act.

A is suspected of running away after hitting a 75-year-old woman B while driving a 26-ton dump truck on a back road in Daegok-dong, Seo-gu, Incheon around 8:50 a.m. on the morning of the 12th.

Mr. B, who was working in a nearby field just before the accident, when a dump truck drove on a one-lane road and caused dust, went to the passenger seat of Mr. A's truck and knocked on the window to protest.

Afterwards, B was hit by a truck while moving towards the driver's seat and seriously injured his leg and abdomen.

After hitting B, Mr. A left the scene without taking any action, and it is said that he attended the police station when the police contacted him by checking the license plate on the surrounding CCTV.

Person A told the police, "I did not see Mr. B and did not know that he was hit by a car. He did not run away."

As a result of the investigation, it was confirmed that Mr. A was driving a dump truck on the day of the accident while his license was revoked for drunk driving last year.

A police official said, "In the truck black box of Mr. A, Mr. B moved to the front of the vehicle and was later hit and collapsed." said.

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