"My father, who was beaten by AZ and had a rotten colon, regrets getting vaccinated"

A story was told that his father, who was usually healthy without any special problems, was unable to wake up in the intensive care unit after undergoing resection because his colon rotted after the second dose of AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine.

On the 13th, a post was posted on the bulletin board of the Blue House National Petition saying, 'My father is in the intensive care unit after receiving a vaccination to make an artificial anus'.

A, the petitioner and daughter, who identified herself as a nurse working at a general hospital, said, "My younger brother and I as medical workers were given priority to receive the corona vaccine, so I recommended them to my parents to get the vaccine, but now it is painful. I regret it," he said.

According to Mr. A, Mr. A's father received the first dose of AZ at a hospital on May 27th, followed by the second dose of AZ at a public health center on August 13th.

And eight days later, on the night of August 31, bloody stools and diarrhea appeared along with severe abdominal pain, and I went to the hospital where I received the first inoculation, but I was immediately transferred to the emergency room of the university hospital.

A CT scan of the abdomen revealed that the intestine was swollen and there was an esophageal ulcer. The subsequent examination revealed pulmonary edema. On September 8, he was diagnosed with ischemic colitis through dialysis and a colonoscopy and underwent emergency surgery.

"Pulled rotten father Captain cut the large intestine 15 ~ 20cm, Completed surgery to create an artificial anus. My father gyesipnida remain high when up knowing actual back ventilator, even birthday lying in the intensive care unit,"

"watching the media coverage vaccine side effects are listed "I thought it was a long way off, but there are so many adverse reactions like this, and there is still no maintenance on how to apply, what documents are required, and how they are handled."

He then concluded the article with the following words, appealing to reconsider the safety of the vaccine, saying, "Only the victims move and there are people who do not know what to do."

"I want to live a happy and healthy life without getting sick, so the vaccine is destroying my family's happiness. Please save my dad. Please relieve his injustice."

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