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who was stabbed by a knife suddenly came into an elementary school classroom where the students were and asked for help. After receiving the report, the police rushed to the area to search the area, and a man in his 30s was found dead in a nearby hill.

Reporter Jinseok Kim of TJB reported exclusively.


Yesterday (13th) around 10:30 am, a man in his 40s suddenly entered the classroom at an elementary school in Asan, bleeding.

It is believed that he entered through the mountain behind the school after being stabbed several times.

At that time, a teacher and 19 students were in class, and when they asked for rescue, the school evacuated the students and called the police.

[Asan ○○ Elementary School Principal: There is a side door through the rooftop auditorium. The students were evacuated to spare classrooms and special classrooms through the side door.]

The man received first aid from the school health teacher and was taken to a nearby hospital by the 119 paramedics, but he is still unconscious.

Upon receiving the report, the police immediately discovered a man stabbed in the vicinity of the school and a man in his 30s who appeared to have accompanied him from Sejong City in a nearby hill, but he was already dead.

The police are investigating the circumstances of the incident after finding out that the man in his 30s who died and the man in his 40s who were stabbed by a knife had a relationship with the restaurant owner and employee.

[Kim Doo-jin/Chief of Criminal Division, Asan Police Station, Chungcheongnam-do: The two are going to investigate the relationship. When the victim regains consciousness, we will ask the victim about the outline of the incident.] The

school believes that the students must have been psychologically traumatized by this incident and is seeking counseling and treatment.

(Video coverage: Kim Yong-tae TJB)