Prosecutors have requested the death penalty for Kim Tae-hyeon (25), who is accused of murdering three mothers and daughters in an apartment in Nowon-gu, Seoul.

At the trial of Mr. Kim's decision held today (13th) at the hearing of the 13th Criminal Settlement Court of the Seoul Northern District Court (Chief Judge Oh Kwon-cheol), the prosecution said, "There is no room for the accused to consider any other sentence other than extreme punishment." "He said.

The prosecution said, "In order to realize the purpose of the crime, the accused planned from the beginning to the murder of his family. I did.

He also pointed out, "From the point of view of the investigator, the killing process is ruthless to the extent that it is mind-boggling."

In his final statement, Mr. Kim said, "It breaks my heart to think of the deceased who cannot see the light of this world due to my terrible atrocities."

Kim was arrested on charges of stalking victim A, whom he met in an online game, for refusing to contact him.